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Midnight Ramblings


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Requiem for a Butterfly

Requiem for a Butterfly is an eclectic trio of women with sick harms and original indie folk music by Kodi Lynn Milburn. They perform around Brooklyn regularly and often collaborate with THE CREATORS COLLECTIVE. The band also sings from Kodi Lynn's "Chrysalis". Band members: Kodi Lynn Milburn, Zoey Michaels, and Makayla Benedict 



Artwork created by our very own Zoey Michaels. She drew this of us when we were performing at THE CREATORS COLLECTIVE's 5 year gala!

Sing and dance the blues away

This photo was taken from a video shot by Jenny Plackemeier in December 2017! We were performing our song "Curly Haired Girl".



Hire us!

We are available for live performances! if you're interested in our sound, drop us a line. You can contact Requiem via Kodi Lynn's Contact page.

Music by Kodi Lynn Milburn performed by the band Requiem for a Butterfly. Members: Kodi Lynn Milburn, Zoey Michaels, and Makayla Benedict.