Kodi Lynn Milburn

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Written and Composed by Kodi Lynn Milburn

An immersive multimedia experience featuring original music and visual art exploring themes including the LGBTQ community, pollution/global warming, current politics, love and loss, women's rights, Folk music, rad dance moves, and recycled art sets/costumes/installation pieces.


Kodi Lynn Milburn, Creator/Featured Performer/Cajon

Emily Carroo, Choreographer/Featured Performer/MUA

Makayla Benedict, Featured Performer/MUA

Zoey Michaels, Uke/Guitar

Terra Warman, Keys

Charles Englesgjerd, Performer

Caroli Nolasco, Performer

Whitney Hickman, Dancer

Cullen Shirtz, Dancer       



“I've always thought the journey of an artist was very similar to that of a butterfly. It starts as an egg, a thought, an idea and pops out like the very hungry caterpillar waiting to feed on exotic foods and knowledge. Soon it’s mind and body expands into a fully realized creature. The caterpillar seems to have it all, but a primordial instinct pushes it past the horizon to the otherside. Soon the caterpillar locks itself away in a stain glass chrysalis and perfects it's craft. Once the butterfly emerges, artistry pours out of every fiber of its being and manifests as wings. Something so beautiful that not even the president of the United States can take it away. The butterfly's wings expand over miles of space and time, and even when it is lost the memories of what was created continues to inspire others. See, First there is a discovery of self. Then, there is a discovery of art. Chrysalis is a multimedia immersive event designed to reflect life and its many mysterious twists and turns metaphorically through the lifecycle of a butterfly. It's a choose your own adventure focused on love, artistry, and awareness of the world around you. The show features the underground theater world’s up and coming vocalists, writers, dancers, musicians, actors, visual artists and more!”  - Kodi Lynn

Kodi Lynn Milburn (composer) and Makayla Benedict live and in the raw performing pieces from "Chrysalis" at THE CREATORS COLLECTIVE's closing party of the AMPLIFY series. Space: 100 Bogart st 

Photos By: Valentina Ramos (@serpentin_)


an original show derived by teens, partnered with Kodi Lynn Milburn and THE CREATORS COLLECTIVE