Kodi Lynn Milburn

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Written and Composed by Kodi Lynn Milburn

An immersive multimedia experience featuring original music and visual art exploring themes including the LGBTQ community, pollution/global warming, current politics, love and loss, women's rights, Folk music, rad dance moves, and recycled art sets/costumes/installation pieces.


Kodi Lynn Milburn, Creator/Featured Performer/Cajon

Emily Carroo, Choreographer/Featured Performer/MUA

Makayla Benedict, Featured Performer/MUA

Zoey Michaels, Uke/Guitar

Terra Warman, Keys

Charles Englesgjerd, Performer

Caroli Nolasco, Performer

Whitney Hickman, Dancer

Cullen Shirtz, Dancer       


Kodi Lynn Milburn (composer) and Makayla Benedict live and in the raw performing pieces from "Chrysalis" at THE CREATORS COLLECTIVE's closing party of the AMPLIFY series. Space: 100 Bogart st 

Photos By: Valentina Ramos (@serpentin_)


an original show derived by teens, partnered with Kodi Lynn Milburn, BAX, and THE CREATORS COLLECTIVE