Kodi Lynn Milburn

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Kodi Lynn is a down to earth Nebraska Native American with her eyes on the prize.  She moved to the city in 2014 for a two year musical theater conservatory program at the New York Film Academy. During her time studying at NYFA, she sang at 54 below in Ewalt and Walkers' “The Making of Madeleine Moore", belted in NYFA’s production of “Chess”, and worked with the effervescent Bobby Cronin and Crystal Skillman on a musical adaption of the claymation film “Mary and Max.” Before leaving school, she wrote a dance on film script called “Could you Dance in my Shoes” that was brought to its feet and directed by Deidre Goodwin. After graduating the program Kodi pursued many different avenues of the art world. She has been the assistant director for two readings at the New York Film Academy and a short film entitled “Je l’aime a Mourir.” She worked costumes on a production of “Urinetown” and celebrated a film she appeared in entitled "Seeking Alice" that won Best Movie Musical at the 2017 Manhattan Film Festival. She has completed 3 Tween/Teen Musical Theater Courses at NYFA as well as with THE CREATORS COLLECTIVE teaching ages 9-18 musical theater technique. Kodi spent some time gigging around Brooklyn with her band "Requiem for a Butterfly" as well as a solo show in Reykjavik, Iceland, pending the release of her album. Kodi is ecstatic to announce that her original 7 track folk album, “Midnight Ramblings” is now available on Spotify and iTunes. Kodi has also been working on some original works around the city including her immersive multimedia musical "Chrysalis" being produced by THE CREATORS COLLECTIVE. The show went up August 5th, 2017. As well as her Teen play Obsessions also Produced by THE CREATORS COLLECTIVE in May of 2018. Currently, Kodi is working as a production assistant and social media consultant for the Off-Broadway play by Sylvia Milo entitled, “The Other Mozart”. Stay tuned for news of Kodi’s next original work.